Track Listing

  1. Zehi Eshgh
  2. Bewildered
  3. Rooz O Shab
  4. Aashegh
  5. Again I Am Raging
  6. One
  7. Hidden
  8. Eghleem E Baalaa
  9. Lustful


Selected & recited by Katayoun Gourdazi; music by Reza Derakshani.

“These beautiful recitations of the original Persian poems innovatively transpose the tradition of poetry and musical performance practiced by Mowlana Rumi, himself, into a fully modern mode. Thoughtfully chosen from the vast repertoire of Rumi’s ghazals, sensitively accompanied and exquisitely rendered by Katayoun’s voice, these performances make the musically meditative traditions of samā‛ fresh and alive for today’s listeners.” – Franklin Lewis, Author of “RUMI PAST and PRESENT, EAST and WEST” and “Rumi: Swallowing the Sun”

© 2006