“Stunningly Hypnotic.”
– Broadway World (PDF)

“A very worthwhile disc… sung and recited exquisitely by Katayoun Gourdazi.”
Songlines Magazine UK

“World music in the truest sense of the world.”
– Rolling Stone Magazine

“Passionate and beautiful.”
– David Dalle, CKCU (PDF)

“It is Gourdarzi’s haunting voice that gives the performance it’s soul. Her voice soars, quivers, uses guttural sounds, voice modulation and employs a crystalline tone.”
– Ralph A. Miriello, Notes on Jazz (PDF)

“It is no ordinary album. Instead, it’s a powerful, poignant, moving and thought-provoking.”
– Derek Anderson (PDF)

“Goudarzi’s expressive soprano reaching a definite emotional high… Will You is a sublime musical experience.”
– Gary Whitehouse, The Green Man Review (PDF)

“Love it.”
– Kara Manning, WFUV

– Ellen King-Rodgers, KGLT

★★★★ / 2017 Top 10 List
– Darek Mazzone, KEXP (PDF)

50 Best Albums of 2017
New York Music Daily (PDF)

2017 World Music Favorites
– Tom Schnabel’s Rhythm Planet, KCRW

“Beautiful voice, beautiful arrangement.”
– Tony Berry, WRUV

“Current favorite.”
– Roger Holdsworth, PBS

“The album is magnificent beyond description.”
The Score Magazine (PDF)

“A unique and engaging ensemble of world-class musicians.”

“Exotic voice”
– George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly (PDF)

“Sublime.” (Best Music of 2015 list)
– Errol Nazareth, CBC News (PDF)

“A Cross-Pollinated Gem from Katayoun Goudarzi and Shujaat Khan.”
– NewYork Music Daily (PDF)

“Easily one of the five best albums I’ve heard this year.”
– CD Hotlist (PDF)

“Sumptuous vocals… pure delight.”
– World Music Central (PDF)

“Always tonally luscious.”
– Songlines Magazine UK (PDF)

“The quivers and attack in Goudarzi’s vocal presentation, while as beautiful as the instruments, add piquancy that sets this music apart.”
– Exclaim! (PDF)

Featured on NPR: All Things Considered

“Sensuous alto singing voice and intense recitation.”
– Broadway World (PDF)

“Mesmerizing narrations of Rumi’s poems.”
– World Music Central (PDF)

“A delectable album.”
– Something Else! (PDF)

“If you want to try to open your ears to “world” music, this might do it for you.”
– Jazz Weekly (PDF)

“An album of ethereal beauty.”
– Splinters and Candy (PDF)

“A band whose work represents the best of a musical union.”
– Arts Nash (PDF)

– New York Music Daily (PDF)

– Songlines Magazine UK (PDF)

“Beautifully done.”
– CBC Music (PDF)

“A passionate exploration of Persian and Indian philosophies.”
– Exclaim! (PDF)

“Introspective and poetic.”
– Sound Roots (PDF)